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Pensjonat Mors w Międzyzdrojach - wolne pokoje blisko morza w katalogu

1. Pensjonat MORS, the owner of the miedzyzdroje-mors.pl website (further in the text „Website”) pays particular attention to protection of privacy of Website users and safety of processing of their personal data.

2. Personal data of Website users contained in registration forms and automatically collected personal data are processed with maintaining requirements outlined in the Act of the 29th August 1997 on Personal Data Protection (Journal of Laws of 2002, No 101, pos. 926 with later changes), and in the Act of 18th April 2002 about providing electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2002, No 144, pos. 1204). The users hold the right of insight to personal data related to them and the right to correct such data. Automatically collected data may not be modified nor deleted.

3. Personal data of Website users contained in registration forms shall be processed by Pensjonat MORS only in order to provide services offered by the Website and towards goals indicated in registration forms related to particular Website services. In addition, they may be processed, upon agreement of Website users, for legally justified purposes of Pensjonat MORS, including direct marketing of own products and services of Pensjonat MORS and cooperating companies. Pensjonat MORS is the administrator of personal data.

4. Pensjonat MORS does not transfer and does not circulate (does not sell or grant access to) personal data of Website users to other individuals or institutions, without user permission. Personal data of Website users processed by Pensjonat MORS may be made available to authorised state authorities on demand, as necessary in proceedings conducted by them, or to third parties on the basis of declarations of authorised state agencies.

5. Pensjonat MORS gathers data collected automatically, related to IP addresses of users visiting the Website and using services provided within the Website. Thus gathered data are useful in Website administration, periodic analyses of visit statistics, determination which pages are the most often visited ones and in defining levels of functionality of Website pages. Data related to user IP addresses may be made available to authorised state agencies on request, as necessary in proceedings conducted by them, or to third parties on the basis of declarations of authorised state agencies.

6. The policy uses mechanism of so called cookies i. e. files stored on a disk of a computer of a Website user, maintaining navigation parameters of the user and his or her login status. Cookie mechanism is not designed in order to gather any information about Website users, it is used only in order to aggregate statistical data about Website users traffic. A user may delete cookie files, an action which will not cause any disturbances or difficulties in using the Website.

7. The Website contains links to other webpages. Pensjonat MORS is not responsible for rules of privacy management and protection in effect on these websites.

8. Website users may address their questions and doubts related to privacy policy to the e-mail address: rezerwacje@miedzyzdroje-mors.pl

9. If the currently effective privacy policy is changed, appropriate modification of aforementioned rules shall be published on a page of the Website.

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